january 15.-23. 2021


audio recording

A complete recording (no edits) including:

  1. J.S. Bach: One slow and one fast movement from one of the Trio sonatas, BWV 525-530
  2. Max Reger: Benedictus, Op 59
  3. Louis Vierne: One piece, free of choice, from ”24 Pièces de fantaisie” Op 51 and Op. 53-55.

First Round:
Danish national academy of music

Approx. 20 competitors

(Organ: Marcussen & Søn, 2002)

The repertoire for the first round is compulsory. Each competitor must play a program containing pieces selected from each of the categories listed below:

  1. César Franck: Cantabile
  2. Johann Sebastian Bach: Prelude and Fugue in G-major BWV 550.
  3. One piece, free of choice from 1850 or later. Duration cannot exceed 7 minutes.

Second round / Semi-Final:
CHURCH OF Our Saviour

Approx. 12 competitors

(Organ: P.G.Andersens og Bruhn, 2002)

The second round is a mixture of mandatory pieces and repertoire free of choice. There can be no repetition of a work from the pre-selection round or the first round.

The total duration of the program must not exceed 35 minutes.

Each competitor must perform a program containing pieces from each of the categories listed below:

  1. Carl Nielsen, Op. 51: ”29 smaa præludier” – Choose 4-5 contrasting pieces.
  2. Olivier Messiaen: ”Les Anges” from ”La Nativité du Seigneur”
  3. One piece from before 1700 (approx.), free of choice.
  4. One piece from 1850 or later OR a piece composed by the competitor. In both cases the duration cannot exceed 7 minutes. If the competitor chooses a piece of his/her own, he/she has to submit the score, notated with computer software, together with the complete chosen program for the whole competition. A handwritten score is not allowed.

Final Round:

Approx. 4 competitors

(Organ: T.H.Frobenius, 1973)

All works performed in this round must be different from previous rounds, including the preliminary selection round.

  1. The works in this round should all be from the time-period 1850 – 2021, and they are free of choice.
  2. The competitor’s program may contain transcriptions. The duration of the transcription(s) should not exceed 10 minutes. An unpublished transcription will only be permitted if the score is notated using a computer software program and is submitted together with the chosen program for the live rounds. A handwritten score will not be permitted.
  3. Competitors are encouraged to include a Danish piece in the final (see suggestions)
  4. The total duration of the program must not exceed 45 minutes.

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